Healthy Food Recipes for Kids

15 Dec

Children‘s Health

Healthy food recipes for kids are fun, affordable and very appealing to our junior chefs. Help your children to develop healthy eating habits by getting them involved in the kitchen. Have fun with these recipes for kids. Cooking together is the perfect opportunity to talk about healthy food choices. Here is a kid’s favorite breakfast.

Breakfast jacks for on the go. The ingredients you will need are 1/3 cup of egg whites, 1 whole wheat English muffin, split open and toasted. Sharp cheddar cheese and 1 slice of turkey bacon cooked. Just cook the eggs and add cheese and bacon to a toasted muffin. Wow! How easy was that, oh- also grab an apple for snack time for latter on.

In a Hurry Breakfast Ideas

This is even for the pickiest eater. Try heating 1 flour tortilla on both sides. Add 1 banana with 1 tablespoon of creamy peanut butter. Roll this up and eat, the kids absolutely love this on the run breakfast idea. With a little supervision your kids can make this also. Breakfast is a good time to add milk products to kids meals.

Calcium is important for children and teens that are growing rapidly who need to build strong bones. Even physical activity is a great source of bone building especially if it is done outside where vitamin D from the sun is absorbed.

If your kids don’t like plain milk, give them sugar free flavored chocolate or strawberry-flavored milk instead
Cooking with kids, helps them become autonomous and learn the values of eating healthy
Physical activity is a must, strive for 1 hour a day of vigorous activity, even join in with your children
Fiber is a must for good digestive health, also drink at lest 4-6 cups of good clean water daily
Kid Friendly Fiber

Kids need fiber, and one way is through healthy food recipes for kids. There are two types of fiber, soluble fiber found in whole grains, legumes and some fruits. Insoluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread and bran cereals. Both types are excellent for the body.

Serve apples or pears slices dipped into fruit flavored yogurt. Give kids a breakfast smoothie or snack of fresh fruit. Even hiding peas or frozen vegetables in kids favorite macaroni and cheese is an ideal way to sneak extra fiber into their diets.

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